About us

Perfect for quick, secure notetaking. All you need to work with information

Notepad.ltd - Do you know what is the first rule of programmer ? And not only programmer. Any professional engineer knows that the best solution for programming task is the simplest the clearest. It must be simple from the user part and perfect from technical part.   

Our approach will let you do quickly and exactly what you need:

- Share note info with your colleague in less than a second 
- Set Password to your every note if needed
- Notepad.ltd can read your note. Just click Read Text Link. 
- Create another note in one click Create New Note
- Check Text Spelling
- Functional that can read your message 
- Rich text editor to apply styles to your note 
- Free account in a second ( no confirmation etc you can even use not existing email address ) 
- To keep track of your notes and save others notes in separated Tab   
- Change your personal note URL
- Night Style and Day Style for your comfort
- Words counter 
- Characters counter 
- File upload / Download link available formats ( txt doc jpeg png jpg bmp zip rar gz tar 7z ace gzip. ) And 50mb file upload size.
- No time frames or any other limitation 
- In your account panel you can manage your notes, reset password,
- Download your notes in HTML format
- Keep track of your page views  

Notepad was designed for simplicity, security, and speed. It loads immediately into a blank notepad and anything you type is instantly encrypted and saved. — You can add a password on any note and share it securely.

 Fully-encryptable notes right in your browser. Every note is automatically encrypted and saved in the database. 
 Front-end and back-end, so go ahead - FEEL SAFE put on notepad.lt your deepest darkest secrets.

Collaborate quickly with your colleagues or friends by sharing a password-protected note

Super fast notetaking right in your browser so you don't have to install or download anything